Nowadays many people spend their free time trying to be fashionable. But there are other people that don’t give importance to fashion because they don’t see its necessity or because they don’t like it. In my view there are arguments for and against both positions.


On the one hand, it’s significant that in important situations, like a wedding or a meeting at work we wear suitable clothes because the situations require it. Also it’s important because the clothes that we wear every day reflect a bit of our personality. If you wear black clothes, people might think that you are a gothic person or if you wear a suit every day, people might think that you work at a very important company.


On the other hand, sometimes we shouldn’t give too much importance to fashion. People are used to judging others according to the type of clothes that they wear or the clothing brand that they use, or even because of the money that they have spent on clothes.


In my opinion fashion is important because it can be helpful on many situations, but I strongly believe that we shouldn’t judge someone for their appearance.

Marina Sánchez Juanino de 2º F.


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