Face to face communication is better than other types of communication.

Nowadays, chatting has become popular and we talk on Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook instead of meeting people and talking to them face to face. This has more disadvantages than advantages.

First of all, when we talk to our friends by sending messages or talk on phone, the emotions are not the same because I think that a hug from your friends makes you feel much better than a simple chat on Whatsapp.

In addition, these types of communication are misused by some people. For example, if you tell someone a secret or some personal information on a phone call or on a message, they can record it or take a screenshot and use this information to benefit themselves personally.

To sum up, I believe that even though it’s easier to use other types of communication than meeting friends, we should communicate face to face to avoid negative consequences and establish good relationships with others.

 Fatal Sameen, 2º G


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